left to right: (Chris Chauncey, Sana Hajizadeh, Leah Fleming)

left to right: (Chris Chauncey, Sana Hajizadeh, Leah Fleming)

Today is World Refugee Day, a day recognized by the United Nations in 2001.


Resettling in a new land can be difficult for refugee families, so one business in Georgia is trying to make things a little easier.


Amplio Recruiting is following through on a pledge to source 100 percent of their talent from the refugee population.


We spoke with refugee turned employee Sana Hajizadeh. Leah Fleming speaks with Sana Hajizadeh of Amplio Recruiting

He tells us his personal story and what he's doing now to help other refugees resettle in Georgia.


We also hear from Amplio CEO and founder Chris Chauncey. Chris Chauncey: CEO and founder of Amplio Recruiting

He shares why he made the decision to focus on the refugee workforce and the benefits they can provide to Georgia companies.