Outrage, protests and more violence are just some of the expected reactions to killings at the hands of law enforcement officers caught on camera. Some therapists theorize that repeated exposure to these controversial incidents can adversely affect mental health. Anger, fear, and frustration can all take a toll on weary viewers who can’t seem to escape images of violent incidents.

Roxanne and Atira share their opinions on the best ways to process raw emotion after a police shooting goes viral

We talk with Atira Charles, a Florida A&M University professor and founder of The Mask Project, and Kennesaw State University professor Roxanne Donovan about how best to manage emotions associated with controversial police shootings

Then, we continue our conversation with Atlanta Police Department Sergeant Walter Pickard. He joins us to share how he looks at police shooting videos and how his job has changed because of them. 

Sgt. Warren Pickard discusses police shootings and how he breaks down controversial videos