The latest Marvel movie, “Captain America: Civil War,”  is a huge winner at the box office, boasting the fifth biggest box office release in history. The blockbuster hit included many scenes filmed in Georgia, which continues the trend of big budget movies choosing to film in the state. We ask Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Jennifer Brett about the success of "Civil War" and find out if more superheroes will soon be seen around the state.

Plus, before it became a live-action film, the comic version of Marvel’s "Civil War" storyline was released over a decade ago. The story deals with the ideological fight between Captain America and Iron Man, which serves as a metaphorical struggle between the ideals of national security and freedom in post-9/11 America. We dive in deep with author Kevin Scott, who compiled the book “Marvel Comics’ Civil War and the Age of Terror,” an anthology about the themes and messages found within the seminal Civil War storyline.  We also welcome author Marc DiPaolo, who penned the book,  “War, Politics and Superheroes: Ethics and Propaganda in Comics and Film.”  

And we take a look at the genre of comics as a whole. Marvel and DC have pioneered the progression of the superhero movie, but do people respect the source material as an art form? Should comics be viewed alongside literary mediums such as poetry, drama, novels, and film? MomoCon founder Jess Merriman and comic book writer Julian Darius weigh in.