The face behind the voice of

The face behind the voice of "Archer," "Bob's Burgers" and more belongs to actor H. Jon Benjamin.

The animated TV series, "Archer," wouldn't be the same without the creative team at Floyd County TV based in Atlanta.  But the voicework that helps the show come to life happens all around the country. 

 Lead voice actor H. Jon Benjamin has played the title character, Sterling Archer, for seven seasons on FX Networks now.  And he has one of the most recognizable voices in the world.  

  His other successful show, "Bob's Burgers," has aired on FOX since 2011 and he's also in the Netflix series, "Master of None."

Have a listen to H. Jon Benjamin talk about his popular role as a near-deaf, hard-drinking super spy, how much a voice actor has the potential to earn and his first time to a gun range in Atlanta."It takes about 30 minutes to start shooting guns in the South." -H. Jon Benjamin recounts a trip to Atlanta when he was invited to a gun range by "Archer" creator Adam Reed

What's your favorite H. Jon Benjamin role?  

The seventh season of

The seventh season of "Archer" starts March 31st on FX.