"On Second Thought" host Celeste Headlee is a huge fan of the FX adult animated series, "Archer."  


The show's seventh season begins on Thursday, March 31st and Celeste got treated to the fangirl dream of a lifetime last month. "Archer" is designed, edited, produced and mixed at Floyd County TV studios in Atlanta, Georgia, just about a mile away from GPB's home base in Midtown.  And they invited us over for a tour and to meet the crew that makes this wildly popular show.Meet the creative Atlanta crew that makes "Archer."

The crew is a surprisingly diverse team, a creative army of illustrators, animators, 3D software experts and audio engineers and they were so welcoming.    

We also had a chance to sit down with executive producer Matt Thompson.  He and "Archer" creator Adam Reed have been business partners for a long time and together they've made shows like "Sealab 2021" and "Frisky Dingo" come to life.  But Thompson says without Atlanta, "Archer" would be a very different show.  Have a listen to his full conversation with Celeste and actor Amber Nash (who voices Pam Poovey on "Archer). Is Woodhouse dead? How will Archer deal with Cyril as his boss? What's next for Pam, Dr. Kreiger and the other characters? Press play to find out.

"Archer" executive producer Matt Thompson on show creator and writer Adam Reed: "I dare someone to point me to one other comedy on TV going into its seventh season that's written by one person. It's simply unheard of."

Click here for our conversation with the lead voice actor on "Archer," H. Jon Benjamin. 

H. Jon Benjamin provides the voice for super spy Sterling Archer in the FX series,

H. Jon Benjamin provides the voice for super spy Sterling Archer in the FX series, "Archer."

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