Most major cities around the country cultivate a certain cultural tone over time. Portland is known as a hub of nostalgia and alternative lifestyles; Miami boasts a blend of Latin culture mixed in with a constant party vibe. But how is Atlanta defined culturally and how has that definition changed over the years?


 "I think that because Atlanta is an entertainment hub, "Ya'llywood", if you will, we're going to be seeing more things bursting out of the ground with creativity!" -Jon Waterhouse on the potential for growth in Atlanta's culture.

We talk to Atlanta Journal-Constitution contributor and radio host Jon Waterhouse about five retro Atlanta locations that he says had a strong influence on the city’s culture. History buff Howard Pousner of the Atlanta History Center also joins the discussion. 



Check out Jon's list of Atlanta's cultural hotspots: 5 places that defined Atlanta's culture as you know it