Do you have what it takes to succeed in business? Are you ready to put your brilliant ideas and management skills to the test? Welcome to Start It Up, where you get to launch and run your own fictional venture - and see how well you would fare in the stressful and exciting world of entrepreneurship. 


  • Start Your Company!

    You'll begin by creating a business plan based on one of 12 different company types. You'll need to select your name, location, and long-term goal. Your market type and mentor will be given to you based on your choices. Pay attention to this business plan as it should influence your decision-making.

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  • Raise Some Money!

    To get started, you'll need some money. Make your pitch to a variety of funding types and see who's interested! Be careful, though, some of these options require repayments with interest and others require you to give up a small part of your business in the form of equity.

    make some money
  • Make Your Decisions!

    Once the game begins, you'll be making 16 strategic decisions related to your business over the course of two years. You'll have to deal with operations, hiring and firing, securing services like insurance and legal representation and more.

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