A skill-building math game for kids in K-3 that focuses on developing number sense. Select a level. Use your math skills. Collect all the toys!


  • Select a level

    GASHA Go! has ten math challenges. Each challenge has three levels of difficulty. When you master a level, you win a toy that you can add to your toy chest. The goal is to collect all 30 toys.

    Select a Level
  • Use your math skills

    To master a level, you must solve three math problems while helping the workers build three new eggs for the toy egg machine. Once you solve all three problems correctly, you win a new toy.

    Use your math skills
  • Collect all the toys

    You win toys by showing off your math skills. You get a new toy every time you master a level. If you master ALL levels, you will have 30 new toys on your shelf!

    Collect all the toys

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