Take your students on an interactive journey through the working forests of Georgia to learn about forest ecosystems, food webs, and life cycles, as well as forestry management processes, career opportunities, and much more. Key concepts are presented through text, images, videos, 360º tours, and interactive elements.

  • GPB Education. Georgia Forestry Foundation.
  • Learning Objectives

    • Hear from forestry experts
    • Compare and contrast the forest characteristics in the different regions of Georgia
    • Examine plant and animal cells
    • Interact with photosynthesis and carbon sequestration diagrams
    • Learn about forestry management techniques and the economic impact of the forestry industry
    • Rediscover products we use in our everyday lives
    • Explore a variety of forestry careers
    • Analyze and synthesize content through standards-aligned writing prompts, activities, vocabulary, and STEAM challenges
  • 360° Videos


    Longleaf Pine Forest


    Seedling Orchard


    Seedling Line


    Timber Harvesting Site


    Converting Plant


    ATV Ride


    Driving a Log Truck

  • More Ways to Watch

    More Ways to Watch

    Find this Virtual Field Trip and more resources on the App Store, Google Play, and Oculus store.