Make That Paper: Careers in Forestry is an online game designed to help high school students learn about the forestry industry and career employability skills. In the game, students are managers in three varied forestry career pathways, hiring personnel, solving industry-related problems, and making sound business decisions. To attain their goal of sustainable, efficient, and successful management of the forest and production of forest products, they must use best practices in hiring and staff management while using the resources and information provided by industry experts.


  • Students learn employability skills first hand through evaluating cover letters and resumes to select candidates to interview.

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  • During the interview process, students evaluate and select appropriate and relevant questions to ascertain how well candidates might fit the available position.

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  • Students apply forestry science knowledge to select the optimal solution to various industry-related scenarios.

    Make That Paper gameplay image
  • GPB Education. Georgia Forestry Foundation.

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