Find new ways to explore the outdoors this summer! Join host, Ashlyn Süpper, in a lesson on the history of binoculars, paired with a PBS KIDS activity in identifying the geographical regions of Georgia.

Make MOLLY OF DENALI's Spotting Scope | Camp GPB

Make MOLLY OF DENALI's Spotting Scope | Camp GPB

Molly of Denali follows the life of 10-year-old video blogger, Molly Mabray. Throughout her Alaskan adventures, she has been known to use one trusted tool- her spotting scope! Join host, Ashlyn Süpper to make your own pair of binoculars and explore the world around you.


- Cardboard tubes

- Tape or glue

- Construction paper

- Scissors

- Hole punch

- String

- Markers or crayons

-Additional craft supplies



Ask questions to compare and contrast technological advances that have changed the amount and type of information on distant objects in the sky.


Plan and carry out an investigation utilizing everyday materials to explore examples of when light is refracted.


Use observations to construct an explanation of how light is required to make objects visible.


Ask questions to differentiate between plants, animals, and habitats found within Georgia's geographic regions.

Support Materials