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What happens when you combine a former Gamecock offensive lineman, a Phi Beta Kappa daredevil, an MTV alum and a 5-foot tall marathoner from Scotland? Why, it’s the new cast of “Georgia Traveler”! 

GPB has cooked up quite a sizzling season for Georgia Traveler fans with thrills, chills and our personal favorite, spills!  Buckle your seatbelt and get ready to bookmark a season of super speed, delectable delights, daring deeds, and ports of call we bet you never knew called Georgia home.

And you’re in for a treat when you meet your Traveler tour guides!  New to “Georgia Traveler” this year is Christine van Blokland – a lively Scot who has “mushed” with the dogs on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, dined on warthog stew in Kruger National Park and has travelled from Africa to Austria to Aruba to Alaska. Oh, and Atlanta!  What she lacks in stature, she makes up for in bravado – this firecracker likes living on the edge, once having climbed inside Grand Central Station’s iconic Tiffany clock where she attempted to hail a cab from a secret window. (None stopped.)


Back for her fourth season is Ashley Mengwasser - a brainy Buford native who will host a new feature this year, Coolest Campus. She’ll scour the state to find what’s unique, cool (or creepy!) in and around Georgia’s institutions of higher learning.  This should be an easy assignment for a gal who threw her grandmother out of a plane 2 seasons ago….and of course there would be no Traveler without David Zelski, chief cook and bottle washer.  “Georgia Traveler’s” original host who serves as Executive Producer, segment editor, co-host, shooter and writer.  Sounds pretty grown up, huh? When not in an edit bay or booking segments, David can be found wrangling pink pigs, crushing cars with Army tanks, drinking “monkey nuts” (calm down, now, it’s family-friendly alcohol-free moonshine) and hanging with goats on roofs and rabbits in briar patches.  

And now, drumroll please: Phil Proctor is back! This beloved early cast member of “Georgia Traveler” was known across the state for his culinary antics, which included rib eating, hot dog-downing and fried chicken feasting. You won’t recognize this former South Carolina Offensive lineman – he’s dropped 50 pounds and is ready to take on some healthy alternatives like riding bikes sideways, navigating 729-foot tall waterfalls and okay, we had to send him to the wiener dog race in Savannah, right?