Poor, dead Matthew.  You were taken from us too soon.

We write a lot here. We write educational content for Georgia teachers, news stories, scripts, and blogs. Oh, boy, do we ever write blogs. Arguably the most prolific blogger is my colleague Rosemary. She’s fantastic. She can write about anything, and I’m fairly certain she has.

Out of all of our blog content, my very favorite one was written by Rosemary after the unfortunate, tragic accident that took our beloved Matthew away from Downton Abbey. Three Reasons Why Matthew Crawley Had to Die is, officially, my favorite blog. I have come to affectionately call this blog “Poor, Dead Matthew.” That may sound heartless or even morbid, but let me explain. For Downton Abbey fans (and there are millions of us), Matthew’s death was sudden and quite shocking. It was so sudden, so tragic, and he had just been so very, very happy. He and Mary had just had that ridiculously sweet and transparent moment and the next thing you know, Matthew is bleeding from his ears. Just like that! I contend that Jullian Fellowes was upset that Matthew -- uh, Dan -- wouldn’t renew his contract; therefore he found a permanent and gruesome way to eliminate him.

Enter Rosemary and her gracious “three reasons” blog. She was right. We should have seen this coming. This is good for Dan Stevens (the real human who plays Matthew Crawley) and his career. This opens the door for a really interesting 4th season of the show. All true.

Even beyond Rosemary’s talented, compassionate writing, I love the enormous stream of comments that follow the blog. It was originally posted back in February, but we can count on yet another comment nearly every week. Not kidding!

It’s very fun to know that we’re a part of something that is so well-loved! If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, then check the blog for fantastic character updates, both in real life and on screen. I don’t know how she knows so much about it, but Rosemary is really the go-to source for all things Downton at GPB.


I snapped this live-action photo of Rosemary without her knowing! She's working (probably on a blog) with my favorite GPB dog, Bijou.