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The Physics of Seduction and Five Other Super YouTube Lessons You Should Use

Was she giving a seductive glance or does the physics of her pose make it seem so? James Earle ponders this on YouTube.

If my science teacher had taught a lesson titled Girl with a Pearl Earring, Physics of Seduction, perhaps I would have paid more attention in class and ventured down a different career path. Luckily math and art loving teacher James Earle was creative enough to do so for YouTube making him an online video star. Several other teachers have put their creative juices to work to produce sensational YouTube video lessons too that have made them well Internet sensations.

From using donuts to explain the concept of red blood cells to comparing the Declaration of Independence to a “Dear John” letter, these YouTube Superstar teachers don’t spare any idea to make their lessons fun and get their students engaged.

Their lessons are great to use during the beginning days of the school year to review topics, introduce new ones or spark discussions.

Here are five of them that are worth watching:

1.) James Earle/Amor Sciendi - Art - Science (Blended Lessons)
James Earle is a high school teacher from Southhampton, NY who loves math, science and Renaissance art. With the encouragement of his students (they taught him how to use iMovie) he created the YouTube channel Amor Sciendi to show the intersection between art history and science. Check out his video lesson Girl with a Pearl Earring, Physics of Seduction.

2.) Alex Dainis/Bite Sci-zed - Science
Perky biology nerd Alex Danis teaches science using examples students can relate to and by answering some of our most burning questions like "Why do we get brain freezes when we eat icecream too fast?" Or "why do we sneeze?" Check out this video lesson where she answers why red blood cells look like donuts.

3.) Keith Hughes/Hughesdv
Public school teacher Keith Hughes looks a little bit like the comedian and Price is Right host Drew Carey. He infuses a bit of comedy, dancing and lots of energy into his explanations of U.S. and World History, Government and Political Science. Check out his video An Idiot's Guide to the Declaration of Independence which compares the document to a break-up letter.

4.) Rob Bob/Tarrou's Chalk Talk - Math
Rob Tarrou created his energetic math video lessons in his house to help his students at St. Pete HIgh School when they were struggling or missed a class or two. His channel Tarrou’s Chalk Talk is now seen in hundreds of countries and regions from New York to Hungary and Israel. Check out his lesson on Factoring.

5.) Jennifer Recio Lebedev / JenniferESL - ESL
A mom of two and former classroom teacher, Jennifer Recio Lebedev now teaches students around the world how to speak English through her videos Learn English with Jennifer. She has even received a marriage proposal from a grateful student. Check out this lesson on Useful Expressions.