A funny thing happened to Chris Greer as he was doing his usual Oconee County tourism videos.

He was asked to do something that just might be scary.

The director of the Welcome Center called the producer and co-host of the GPB Original series, View Finders, and shared that she had the Ghosts of Georgia paranormal investigators coming to The Eagle Tavern. Did he want to tag along?

Built around 1801 in downtown Watkinsville  - less than 10 miles from Athens - the landmark has been a tavern, a stagecoach stop, a general store, a gathering place, the site of many tragedies and with all of that, the source or many a story.

Many of which involving supposed hauntings. 

The Haunting of The Eagle Tavern

Behind the scenes of "The Haunting of the Eagle Tavern"

Credit: Courtesy of Chris Greer, chrisgreerphotography.com

"So the first thing I'm thinking is, 'Yeah! OK, now how am I gonna film this?" recalls Greer, who two seasons into View Finders has already received an Emmy nomination, and is set to be distributed by American Public Television.

"It's going to be really dark," he continues. "Late at night. Lots of people electronic devices trying to pick up things. And you know, perhaps ghosts."

"So I just kind of showed up with an open mind - though I am usually pretty suspicious of things like that

"How can I put it? I don’t NOT believe in ghosts...And I did capture some weird things. it was certainly a very memorable night."

See for yourself from the safety of your own screen, tonight at 10 p.m. .

And while you're at it, just keep it on GPB, because The Haunting of the Eagle Tavern marks the start of a season of other new and returning holiday fare favorites.

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Mary Berry's Absolute Christmas Favourites

Mary Berry's Absolute Christmas Favourites

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A Southern Celtic Christmas

A Southern Celtic Christmas

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Rich's Remembered with Monica Pearson

Rich's Remembered with Monica Pearson

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