Dancers at Studio 54, 1978.

Dancers at Studio 54, 1978.

Credit: Courtesy of Alamy

Next week, we’ll explore the culture war that erupted over the spectacular rise of disco music, look at the history of a spooky Georgia landmark and much more. Take a look at what’s coming up!

Antiques Roadshow: Thrills & Chills - Monday, October 30 at 8 PM

Watch Roadshow’s thrilling and chilling appraisals, including a MAD Issue 8 complete “Frank N. Stein” story, a German wax-head doll and a Georgian & Victorian mourning jewelry collection. Dare to guess the top $80,000 to $120,000 find!

American Experience: The War on Disco - Monday, October 30 at 9 PM

Explore the culture war that erupted over the rise of disco music. Originating in underground Black and gay clubs, disco unseated rock as America’s most popular music by the late 1970s. But many diehard rock fans viewed disco as shallow and superficial. The hostility came to a head on July 12, 1979, when a riot broke out at “Disco Demolition Night” at a baseball game in Chicago.

Title card for The Haunting of Eagle Tavern

The Haunting of Eagle Tavern - Monday, October 30 at 10 PM

The Eagle Tavern has been a landmark of downtown Watkinsville since it was built around 1801 and there are no shortage of stories that are rooted within its walls. Perhaps most significant are the tragedies that have occurred in this location, and the purported hauntings that continue to happen to this very day. A paranormal investigation team was called in to see if there was any unexplained activity happening within this historic old structure, and what they found has generated plenty of intrigue within this small town outside of Athens. 

Mitch McConnell

FRONTLINE: McConnell, the GOP & the Court - Tuesday, October 31 at 10 PM

FRONTLINE looks at how Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell helped transform the Supreme Court and U.S. politics, exploring his rise and role pushing the judiciary to the right and America’s polarized democracy.

America’s Forest with Chuck Leavell: Georgia - Wednesday, November 1 at 7 PM

Host Chuck Leavell explores his home state of Georgia - the number one forestry state in the nation. After a lively recording session at Capricorn Records, he invites us to join him at home at Charlane Woodlands. He also chats with experts across the state working to restore longleaf pine - the South’s hardest-working softwood. Last, but not least, Chuck gets put to work on a multi-generational peach and pecan tree farm!

Scientist Jane Evans in a lab.

Secrets of the Dead: Death in Britannia - Wednesday, November 1 at 10 PM

Uncover what happens when archaeologists study a skeleton found with an iron nail through its heel bone, suggesting the person was the victim of crucifixion in Roman-occupied Britain. Who was he? And why did he receive such a gruesome punishment?