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There’s Still Time To Take The PBS Nerd Challenge

Have you taken the #PBSNerd Challenge yet? Since the competition ends March 3,  you still have time. The PBS Nerd Challenge encourages you to Be a Nerd for GPB by sharing what you’re passionate about with others - while raising money for us if you choose. (Think Omaze plus Kickstarter.)

What are you a nerd for? Pets, musicals, knitting, the outdoors, your Howard the Duck comic book collection? Whatever it is, you can share your enthusiasm for it by creating real world events and challenges that people can complete. You can just take challenges or attend events created by other people too or do both - create your own and complete others. Most of the challenges or events offer incentives for finishing them. To prove that you’ve completed the challenge, you typically upload a photo or video of yourself performing the activity. Don’t want to take a challenge or event or develop one? No worries! You can simply make a donation. (Check out this post on Here's The Top Five Reasons Why Should Take The PBS Nerd Challenge for inspiration.)

Here’s How To Get Started
  1. Go to the sign up page:
  2. To Create a Challenge:  Click on the Be a PBS Nerd button on the upper right hand side of the screen. You’ll be prompted to sign up through your social media profiles or ask to plug in a new username and password.    
  3. To Join a Challenge: Scroll down and click on the faces of people whom have created challenges already to see what is available. You can also search for people by name or search for challenges based on your interest.
Young PBS Nerds show their pride with t-shirts.
Here Is a short list of challenges created by GPB staffers and their friends:

Victoria Marathon: Binge-watch all episodes of Victoria before the March 5 finale by catching our Victoria marathon on February 26, 2017 from 4 p.m.-11 p.m. If at least two people send a photo of themselves watching or wearing a tiara or give a donation, they will receive a Victoria prize pack as thanks. Challenge Ends February 27.

Watch Victoria For A Chance To Win A Bookmark: Love the Masterpiece show Victoria? Show it by taking a photo or shooting a video of yourself watching the show for a chance to win a show-themed bookmark. Challenge ends March 3.

Share Your Dogs At Work Or Play: Share a photo of your dog having fun or “on the job” and as a thank you, you and your pooch could visit GPB’s pet friendly headquarters in Atlanta and hang out with human and dog staffers. Challenge ends March 7

PBS Nerd Great British Cook Off Challenge: Cook one British themed dish per week. If 15 people finish this feat, challenge creator Rachel Buchman will come to work dressed for a proper tea and will serve it in a proper tea set! Challenge ends March 1

Georgia Museum Challenge: Visit two museums by the end of February. Challenge ends February 28.

Something New Food Challenge: We dare you to try out two new restaurants this month that take your taste buds out of its comfort zone. Challenge ends March 12.

PBS Nerd Knitting Challenge: Knit at least four hats this month and staffer Emmalee Hackshaw will send you the knitted hat she’s making for this challenge. Challenge ends March 1

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