In this episode of the Football Fridays in Georgia podcast, host Jon Nelson explores the GHSA basketball championships. Coaches Jerry Hunter and Dr. Jeffrey Martin discuss the challenges and community impact of their teams' successes, while guest coach Geoffrey Pierce shares insights into the Grayson Rams' historic journey to their first state title. 


The Football Fridays in Georgia podcast takes a departure from the gridiron to delve into the world of adaptive sports and basketball championships in Macon. Host Jon Nelson welcomes special guests Jerry Hunter, head coach of Westside Augusta, and Dr. Jeffrey Martin, first-year head coach of the Houston County Sharks wheelchair basketball team.

Coach Hunter reflects on the challenges of achieving back-to-back and three-peat titles in high school basketball, highlighting the dedication required from players and the community support essential for success. Meanwhile, Coach Martin discusses the significance of adaptive sports, emphasizing the opportunities they provide for individuals with disabilities to participate and excel in athletics.

The conversation shifts to Coach Geoffrey Pierce of the Grayson Rams, who shares insights into his team's journey to their first-ever state championship in boys' basketball. Coach Pierce reflects on the season's challenges, lessons learned from losses, and the overwhelming community support that fueled their success.

Plus, Jon gives us a rundown of the various state basketball champions across different divisions, including notable achievements and standout performances.