On behalf of the entire GPB Sports team, we would like to thank you for watching and supporting Football Fridays in Georgia.  To put a wrap on the 2020 season, here is our GPB All-Finals Team from the eight GHSA State Football Championship Games.

Most Valuable Player

QB Jalen Addie – Warner Robins

Most Outstanding Offensive Player

QB Brock Vandagriff – Prince Avenue Christian

Most Outstanding Defensive Player

LB Garland Benyard – Irwin County

Most Outstanding Two-Way Player

WR/CB Travis Hunter – Collins Hill

Most Outstanding Special Teams Player

Punter Charlie Flemming – Marist

Most Outstanding Coach

Coach Ryan Herring – Pierce County


Offensive Line

First team: Bobby Hutchinson, Warner Robins; Tanner Wells, Prince Avenue Christian; Lathan Patterson, Callaway; Nick King, Buford; Jeffrey Bryan, Lee County.

Second team: Garrett Brophy, Grayson; Carson Beach, Trinity Christian; Jalen Billingsley, Irwin County; Jaylen George, Collins Hill; Hayden Cagle, Cartersville.


First team: Jalen Addie, Warner Robins; Brock Vandagriff, Prince Avenue Christian

Second team: Jake Garcia, Grayson; Ashton Daniels, Buford.

Running backs

First team: Charlie Dixon, Callaway; D.J. Bell, Pierce County; Jahlen Rutherford, Warner Robins.

Second team: Landon Owens, Prince Avenue Christian; Joe Taylor Jr., Grayson; Omari Arnold, Brooks County.

Wide Receivers

First team: Joshua Dallas, Trinity Christian; Travis Hunter, Collins Hill; Jamal Haynes, Grayson.

Second team: Isaiah Bond, Buford; Willie Brown, Brooks County; Daveon Walker, Warner Robins.


First team: Gabe Benyard, Irwin County

Second team: Chauncey Magwood, Lee County.


Defensive Line

First team: Paxton Corkery, Jefferson; Vic Burley, Warner Robins; Harrison Padgett, Oconee County; Derek McDonald, Marist.

Second team: Daniel James, Fitzgerald, Joe Conner, Prince Avenue; Cam Eldridge, Oconee County; Henry Clark, Marist.


First team: Ethan Bell, Brooks County; Rich Dorsey, Collins Hill; Garland Benyard, Irwin County; Baron Hopson, Lee County.

Second team: LaQuize Gilbert, Callaway; E.J. Lightsey, Fitzgerald; Marcus Edwards, Irwin County; Cam Priest, Brooks County.


First team: Jayvian Allen, Grayson; Travis Hunter, Collins Hill; Josh Moore, Marist; Derrick Taylor, Irwin County.

Second team: Cameron Smith, Callaway; Davis Ridings, Prince Avenue; Allen Boatwright, Pierce County; Daytin Baker, Pierce County.

Special Teams


First team: Alejandro Mata, Buford

Second team: David Vaughn, Fitzgerald


First team: Charlie Flemming, Marist.

Second team: Jalen Shephard, Callaway

Kick returners

First team: Caleb McDowell, Lee County

Second team: Sam Phillips, Cartersville

Again, thanks for watching GPB Sports Football Fridays in Georgia in 2020 and we look forward to an even bigger and better 2021!