If you love great quarterbacks, the 2020 GHSA State Championship Games on GPB will be a fun watch for you.

Counting Jefferson 5-star athlete Malaki Starks, who plays QB for the Dragons, there will be a total of five 4- and 5-star signal callers in the championship games. That’s five out of the 10 players in Georgia who are rated that high in the recruiting rankings.

Right up front, I am not saying these are the Top 10 best players. That list would be so much more subjective and so much more difficult to put together. This is quite simply the Top 10 highest rated players in the recruiting rankings still playing on the final week of the Georgia high school football season.

Even though these state finals will be a quarterback bonanza, the Top 10 list starts with Collins Hill 5-star cornerback Travis Hunter. But to label him as only a cornerback would be a huge disservice. He’s also been the most productive wide receiver in the state all season, catching passes from fellow Top-10er Sam Horn. He was the most dynamic player I saw play this season.

Travis Hunter, Collins Hill

Travis Hunter, Collins Hill

Credit: 247 Sports

The second most dynamic player that I saw this year was Starks. He not only starts at QB for Jefferson, but also starts at strong safety. I love the old-school, two-way quarterback. He will not play that quarterback in college, but he could end up playing running back, safety or linebacker -- if he keeps on growing. He will be fun to watch again.

As for the quarterbacks, a lot of eyes will be on Georgia Bulldogs 5-star signee Brock Vandagriff, as he tries to close his high school career with a state championship. Four-star quarterback Jake Garcia who transferred to Grayson after midseason has made the nearly unbeatable Rams, perhaps indeed unbeatable, but Collins Hill will give it a shot in the 7A final.

Among the younger Top 10 prospects you will find Warner Robins sophomore defensive lineman Vic Burley, who is virtually unblockable. Despite being injured during the playoffs and having to be taken from the field in an ambulance, word is he will be playing as the Demons attempt to cap their fourth straight season in the final with their first state championship since 2004, likely before Burley was even born.

One final note, the top running back on the list unfortunately will not be able to play. That is because Grayson 4-star and Clemson signee Phil Mafah suffered a season-ending injury a month ago. That is an absolute shame because even though he might not have been the leading rusher in the state, there was no question in my mind, he was the best running back I saw this season.

Brock Vandagriff

Prince Avenue Christian's Brock Vandagriff

So, here is a deeper dive into the Top 10 prospects playing in the 2020 GHSA State Finals:

  1. Travis Hunter – 6-2, 170-pounds – Collins Hill – 247 Sports Composite 5-Star and No. 2 Junior Cornerback – No. 1 Prospect in Georgia and No. 4 Overall Prospect in the Nation in Class of 2022 – Committed to Florida State. WR Stats: 126-1,639 yards receiving and 23 TD. 19-124 yards rushing and 1 TD. CB Stats: 48 total tackles and 7 interceptions.
  1. Brock Vandagriff – 6-3, 205-pounds – Prince Avenue Christian – 247 Sports Composite 5-Star and No. 2 Senior Dual Threat Quarterback in the Nation – Signed with the Georgia Bulldogs. QB Stats: 234-331 passing, 70.7% completion, 3,907 passing yards, 300.5 passing yards per game. 44 TD and just 6 interceptions. 92-427 rushing yards and 16 TD.
  1. Malaki Starks – 6-3, 205-pounds – Jefferson – 247 Sports Composite 5-Star and No. 3 Junior Athlete – 14 Offers with Georgia, Alabama and Clemson considered his leaders. QB Stats: 149-1,457 yards rushing, 9.8 yards-per-carry average, 121.4 rushing yards per game, 24 rushing TD. 19-44 passing, 542 yards, 11 TD and 3 interceptions. SAF Stats: 37 total tackles, 3 TFL and 2 interceptions.
  1. Jake Garcia – 6-3, 205-pounds – Grayson – 247 Sport Composite 4-Star and No. 5 Pro Style Senior Quarterback – Signed with Miami. QB Stats: 7 games, 61-107 passing, 57% completion, 1,101 yards passing with 12 TD and 5 interceptions.
  1. Jake Johnson – 6-6, 225-pounds – Oconee County – 247 Sports Composite 4-Star and No. 1 Junior Tight End – 14 Offers with LSU considered his leader (where is older brother Max plays QB). TE Stats: 32-742 yards receiving, 23.2 yards per catch, 67.5 receiving yards per game and 9 TD.
  1. Sam Horn – 6-3, 175-pounds – Collins Hill – 247 Sports Composite 4-Star and No. 4 Junior Pro Style Quarterback. 13 Offers with Missouri, Louisville and Michigan State considered his leaders. QB Stats: 329-503 passing, 65.4% competition, 3,685 yards, 261.3 yards per game, 39 TD and 12 interceptions.
  1. Jaron Willis – 6-2, 230-pounds – Lee County – 247 Sports Composite 4-Star and No. 13 Junior Outside Linebacker – 15 Offers with Florida and Auburn considered his leaders. LB Stats: 67 total tackles, 9 TFL, 2 quarterback sacks and 2 interceptions.
  1. Carlos Del Rio Wilson – 6-3, 210-pounds – Cartersville – 247 Sports Composite 4-Star and No. 11 Senior Pro Style Quarterback – Signed with Florida. QB Stats: 7 games, 72-107 passing, 67.3% competition, 1,120 yards, 10 TD and 2 interceptions with 4 rushing TD.
  1. Vic Burley – 6-4, 261-pounds – Warner Robins – 247 Sports 4-Star and No. 7 Sophomore Defensive End – Nine Offers including Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Auburn and Florida State. DE Stats: 45 total tackles, 23 TFL and 11 quarterback sacks.
  1. Michael Daugherty – 6-0, 175-pounds – Grayson – 247 Sports 4-Star and No. 11 Sophomore Safety – 20 Offers with LSU considered his leader. SAF Stats: 41 total tackles, 2 TFL, 1 interception.

*Phil Mafah – 6-1, 215-pounds – Grayson – 247 Sports Composite 4-Star and No. 9 Senior Running Back – Signed with Clemson. RB Stats: 10 games before season-ending injury, 130-1,130 yards rushing, 8.7 yards-per-carry, 18 TD. *Injured


So, make your plans to join us with three days of GHSA State Finals coverage on GPB. I have the honor of calling five of the eight championship games: 1A-Public, 4A, 5A, 6A and 7A.

Here is a look at the schedule at Center Parc Stadium in Atlanta.

Monday, December 28

12:00 p.m. – 1A-5A – Flag Football Championship – Portal vs. Calvary Day

1:30 p.m. – 6A-7A – Flag Football Championship – West Forsyth vs. Hillgrove

3:30 p.m. – 1A Private – Prince Avenue Christian vs. Trinity Christian

7:00 p.m. – 1A Public – Irwin County vs. Brooks County


Tuesday, December 29

12:00 p.m. – 2A – Callaway vs. Fitzgerald

3:30 p.m. – 4A – Jefferson vs. Marist

7:00 p.m. – 6A – Buford vs. Lee County


Wednesday, December 30

12:00 p.m. – 3A – Oconee County vs. Pierce County

3:30 p.m. – 5A – Cartersville vs. Warner Robins

7:00 p.m. – 7A – Collins Hill vs Grayson