Another Georgia high school football player has decided where he will play next year. Roswell’s dual-threat quarterback Cordell Littlejohn says he will join the Fighting Illini of Illinois. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Illinois is familiar land for Littlejohn. You may remember that the 3-star recruit moved from Illinois earlier this year to join the squad at Roswell. His brother, Jamal also plays there. And there’s another family connection for the Littlejohns: their cousin Tyneil Hopper is a standout tight end for the Hornets. I guess you can call that a family affair.

Georgia high school football fans will get a plethora of high powered games this week. Roswell, led by their QB Cordell Littlejohn, will take on QB Steven Krajewski and Colquitt County in a rematch of the 2015 7A State Championship game. Many other teams will settle into region play laying out the ground work for what they hope will be the start of their playoff push. What will be interesting to watch is how those teams with two early season losses will respond in the weeks ahead. No matter what class or region you are in, two early losses can mean that your season is over before it even gets started. The pressure for those teams to win now is intense. Not only do they need to win the remainder of their games, but they have to hope that they get help from a few other teams who lose some games along the way.

There were some more spectacular performers at the QB position in Week 3. Cartersville’s Trevor Lawrence and Rome’s Knox Kadum did all their damage in the first half leading their teams to victory. Harrison’s Justin Fields and Jarren Williams of Central Gwinnett had dazzling performances too, but their teams lost. Steven Krajewski of Colquitt County showed why he deserves to be on this list leading his team on a game winning drive to get the Packers to 3-0. 

Arm’s Race:

1.    Justin Fields. Harrison, DUAL, 6’3, 221. Last Game: 4 total TDs 1 passing 3 rushing 205 yards rushing and 83 yards passing Next Game: River Ridge. 

2.    Trevor Lawrence. Cartersville, PRO 6’6, 208, Last Game: 4 TDs 317 yards passing, only played one and a half quarters. Next Game: West Lake.

3.    Jarren Williams. Central Gwinnett, Dual, 6’2, 206, Last Game: 320 passing yards 2 TDs Next Game: Colins Hill.

4.    Harrison Bailey. Marietta, PRO, 6’4,215. Last Game: 17-24 passing for 175 2 TDs. Next Game: Pebblebrook

5.    Emory Jones. Heard County, 6’3, 195, Last Game:  2 passing TDs Next Game: Darlington

6.    Steven Krajewski: Colquitt County. 6’4, 205, Last Game: 22-26 (13-13) in the second Half) for 245 yards 3 TDs. Next Game: Roswell 

7.    Knox Kadum. Rome, PRO, and 6’2,170, Last Game:  Was Pulled early from game in a 56-0 win over Drew Knox was a part of an offensive that put up 450 yards early in the game. Next Game: Kell 

8.    Luke Shiflett. Northwest Whitfield CO. Dual, 6’2, 180, Last Game:  1 rushing TD and another game with over 100 yards rushing but falls to Dalton late. Next Game: Model 

9.    Cordell Littlejohn. Roswell, DUAL 6’4,190, Last Game: Played Number 3 QB Jarren Williams, Cordell had 1 long TD run and a 200+ passing yards in a win. Next Game: Colquitt County. 

Others to watch:

10. Gunnar Watson. Taylor County, PRO, 6’2 187, Next Game: Central.

11. Jordan Yates. Milton, DUAL, 6’1,186, Next Game: Etowah.

12. Octavis Battle. Carver, DUAL, 6’3 185, Next Game: Jackson. 

By Brooks Burns