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Okay, this is how this interview happened. I decided that it would be nice for our readers to get to know the new executive director of the GHSA, Robin Hines. I had not met the new top man before, so I went through some channels.  I called the GHSA director of Media Relations, Steve Figueroa, and asked what day this week or next Mr. Hines might be available. Steve said: “Well, I see he is in his office. How about right now?”

Now, I want everyone to know, I was just calling to try and make an appointment to schedule an interview sometime in the future. Well, as the old saying goes, the future is now and Mr. Hines picked up the phone.

Robin Hines has enjoyed a long and successful career in education. He has been a teacher, coach, Athletic Director, and Superintendent of schools. He has been on the job with the GHSA since earlier this summer.

“There has not been a dull moment around here,” he admits.  “It is really great to be back working with coaches and athletic directors and this hard working GHSA staff.”

Mr. Hines is a motorcycle enthusiast.  He and his wife can be seen (and I am sure heard) roaring around the countryside taking in the scenery and the fresh air.  He could have just ridden off into the sunset and retired. Instead, after being encouraged by several coaches to apply for the Executive Director’s position and doing his research and preparing his due diligence, he really was all in about getting the job.

“The GHSA had been a huge part of my professional life.  I prepared for the interview and knew I could do a good job and frankly I would have been very disappointed if I had not gotten the job”

No worries.  Robin Hines got the job, and is now calling the shots.

He, says right off the bat, he is working on implementing a new budgeting system. He knows that’s not the most exciting thing in the world to talk about, hear about, or read about. But things have to get done.

What is exciting is his outlook on the job, and the GHSA:

“I am looking for ways to improve how the GHSA interacts with its member schools. We work for them. We enforce the rules and bylaws that the members have agreed to. I want every facet of the GHSA to be in a constant state of improvement.  I am giving a lot of speeches, talking to lots of people, visiting a lot of member schools, and I want us to work together to address everything we do and improve things in positive ways”

The new Executive Director is also a guitar player who enjoys playing Blues Rock in a three-piece band.

He definitely hits the right chord when he says he wants his administration to be “transparent” and that he is available to talk to anyone at any time, and will try and work out whatever needs to be worked out.

I can say first hand he is “available.” One call, that was all it took to meet the new Executive Director.

So, the new leader of the GHSA is all about talking about issues and working things out together.  Working FOR the member schools. Being transparent. Who knows, this kind of thing might catch on and who knows, maybe the folks in Washington D.C. can learn a few things about getting things done from the folks at the GHSA in Thomaston, Georgia.