The Classic City rivalry between Cedar Shoals High School and Clarke Central High School has always been the talk of the town. For this one week out of the entire year, friends and family members on both teams put their friendships on hold as they prepare for the biggest game of the year.

That was always the history of these two teams anyway. There’s a whole lot of crossover in the community, especially with the coaches. Leroy Ryals at Cedar Shoals, used to coach over at Clarke Central, but now he’s on enemy territory. Oh, and by the way, his wife went to Clarke Central… that could be awkward on Friday...

Then Clarke Central Head Coach Dave Perno used to play at Clarke Central. However, this is his first coaching job- in football. He spent 17 years in college baseball.

The storylines are perfect. The town is divided, but supportive. This week I had a chance to go one on one with a key player for Cedar Shoals, Ryan Huff and get his perspective on this game.

The emotions that revolve around this rivalry depend on whom you ask. When I caught up with Cedar Shoals alumnus Rod Wise his feelings on the game were much more intense than the players who suit up for the Jaguars today. Coach Ryals has his team locked in and viewing this game just like it’s any other on the schedule. But we all know the magnitude of this rivalry and what it means to the community. Take a look at my interview with Ryan as he talks about the big game, how social media has changed it and the distractions that this week brings.

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