Football is finally here and we are looking forward to bringing you not one… not two… but multiple football games all at once! And we start tonight at 7:30 only on GPB.

This season, I’ve been profiling the quarterbacks across the state of Georgia. If you’re late to the party on that… Georgia is stacked with quarterbacks this year, and they’re not just the best in the state- some are the best in the country. One of them is Davis Mills, a senior out of Greater Atlanta Christian.

However, according to multiple reports this week, he suffered a knee injury (dislocated knee) that will require surgery. It was non-football related and is going to keep him off the field for about three to four months. That’s a bummer. This kid has a whole lot going for him. He is the nucleus of his team, an outstanding leader and not to mention… a nearly perfect passer.

This is a tough one to take. Mills is a guy who can do just about everything really well. What caused the injury is unknown at this point but it didn’t come from a practice or a game.

The senior quarterback is a Stanford commit. If you ask me, I wouldn’t think that this would affect his commitment to Stanford, but it raises the question.

I had a chance to speak with both Davis Mills and Tim Hardy last week before the injury happened. Both of them were excited about the start of the season, especially Mills. High school football is a special thing, and for a competitor like him- not being able to actively participate is a real bummer. That’s the best way to put it.

According to Gwinnett Prep Sports, linebacker Jonathan Rose will take over the reins at the quarterback position and we could get our first look at him tonight on GPB. Tune in, we’ll see you there!