The next huge day on the high school football calendar is February 3rd, which is national letter of intent signing day. It is one of my favorite days of the year, and not so much for the players who will be realizing a dream by signing up to play college football, but for the players parents, and grandparents and other family members who have helped the player attain his lofty dream. GPB Sports will be super busy and will be bringing you all the information the nano-second it becomes official. There is a lot of chaos on national signing day. There is always a player or two who after swearing loyalty to one program or another has a last minute change of heart and goes somewhere else. There are always those few who decided to not sign with any school and reopen the recruiting process and there are those few who when hit up by a big time program at the last minute switches allegiances and signs with the big school right at the deadline. Jackie Brittain, Jon Nelson and I will be burning up the phone lines, contacting coaches, and players, and schools to bring you the most comprehensive up to the minute information on national recruiting day on our GPB Sports website, on our GPB Sports Facebook page, on our GPB Sports app, and on Twitter @GPBsports. A lot of these talented high school players we got to see up close and in person on our GPB Football Fridays in Georgia game of the week. Players like Roswell High School linebacker Tre Lamar who is heading to Clemson, Woodward Academy running back Elijah Holyfield who has committed to Georgia, McEachern defensive lineman Julian “Big Daddy” Rochester who is heading to Georgia, and wide receiver Kiel Pollard out of Colquitt County who is heading to Arkansas just to name a few will all be signing on the dotted line that Wednesday. When it’s really fun is when a top notch recruit has 3 or 4 big time schools drooling and waiting to get that signature and a young man has to make a decision that will impact the rest of his life. So, check us out on our GPB website and on our GPB Facebook page on our GPB football ap and on Twitter @GPBsports. Jon, Jackie, and I will keep you posted all day long so you can follow your favorite players or your favorite high school team, or your favorite college with us on February 3rd.