Written by: Jannah Bolds

Offense sells tickets, defense wins games. No matter how annoyingly cliché that statement is, it proves itself true time and time again. This time, the Spartanburg High School Vikings were able to capture victory at this weekend’s 7-on-7 tournament in Sugar Hill, Georgia.

Evidently, the Viking defense is still going strong, even after losing defensive tackle Rashaad Miller to graduation. The team totaled -113 yards in sacks last season with Miller contributing twelve of those yards. In addition to plugging up the opponent's offensive line, Miller was great at stirring trouble on the other side and contributed to the team’s total fumble recoveries.

Talking about a graduated player can be all fun and games, but the real conversation is discussing what’s to come of these young Vikings. Next in line to shine on the defensive side of the ball at Spartanburg is projected to be rising junior defensive end Louis Rogers. Rogers is not only a threat on defense...he also protects the quarterback on the offensive line. Roger’s stats from last season actually surpass Miller's. Rogers recorded five total sacks in 2013 for a total loss of twenty-one yards.

Alongside Rogers, the Vikings have a host of other young players on the rise to greatness. After all, teamwork makes the dream work and no one can carry a team by themselves. There goes another annoying cliché...!