Most of us are under the impression Millennials have no real money yet to spend or save. But they are beginning to acquire wealth and they will be an economic force in the years to come.

So the question is, how many of them are actually thinking about their financial futures? As it turns out, some are saving, but almost none are investing.

Latasha Kinnard started investing at 19. After listening to a financial presentation, she was astounded at the difference five years could make in the investment world. She jumped in with both feet and did well enough to leave her corporate job and start her own company, Start Young Financial Group. She calls herself a "financial coach". She is not an asset manager, but rather uses her expertise to encourage other Millennials to start planning their financial futures and advises them how best to navigate the financial world.

Like most Millennials, she is driven not just by success, but by a social conscience. Latasha says her company is the product of her vision to eradicate the wealth gap and help reduce poverty in America.

Latasha uses her background in psychology and education to help her clients develop the best money skills for their current lifestyle and they one they want in the future.

One of her first pieces of advice: Stop eating out so much!

Listen to Latasha's words of wisdom: