Millennials are the largest generation since the Baby Boomers, which should translate into some pretty significant buying power, right? So far, though, they're not spending like their parents did.

TIME Magazine says the money skill this generation has is SAVING. Why? One reason is that most of these young adults grew up during the Great Recession and saw their families and friends' families lose jobs, retirement savings and financial stability. Other reasons include getting a late start on their own lives and careers and thinking differently about HOW they want to live their lives. Not only are these experiences changing the way they think about money, it's changing what they are likely to buy. According to TIME, some of the things Millennials will probably not pony up for anytime soon include:

Pay TV
Mass-Market Beer
Children (okay, they don't actually buy these, but it's hard to spend money on kids if you don't have any)

Listen to Bobbie and GPB Entertainment Writer, Lisa Clark, discuss TIME's list of things Millennials Won't Spend Money On":