The Fast Forward Family

Day 2 of Ziplining with the North Georgia Canopy Tour crew - Jesina, Jonathan and Marie!

The last time we were here, during a very interesting nature walk, we asked Marie if she enjoyed being a tour guide. Honestly, we would have been satisfied with an enthusiastic ‘Yes’, but she looked straight into the camera and said...

“Everyday is the best day of my life!”

There is something magical that happens when I meet someone who loves what they do for a living. Consequently, I want to know more about their job and what makes it so great. Also, whether I immediately realize it or not, I begin to care about their stories and how they made it to this point in their journey.

With the Fast Forward segments, we are hoping to inspire students to ‘want to know more’ while they are in school. And then ultimately to ‘want to do more’ to realize and achieve their goals after graduation.

I was so inspired by Jesina, Jonathan and Marie that I actually allowed my crew to record me zipping - which is a major breakthrough for an editor with a severe allergy to being in front of the camera.