Paleontologist Ken Lacovara and his team discovered a new and massive species of dinosaur in Patagonia, Argentina: the
Dreadnaughtus Schrani (meaning fears nothing). Named after the 20th Century Battleship , Dreadnaughtus seems a fitting description for a creature over 85ft long and weighing 65 tons. This dinosaur is larger than a Boeing 737.

What’s even more remarkable is that Dreadnaughtus is a long-necked herbivore who looks more like an immense Diplodocus than the terrifying carnivore one might imagine.

Based on the Dreadnaughtus’ size and its heavily armored and muscled 30ft tail, scientists do not think it had many predators. Consider that a t-rex weighs in at a mere 10 tons in comparison.

The excavation of these bones began in 2005 and what makes this find truly incredible is the number of fossils found at the excavation site. 145 bones from 2 different specimens were discovered, including multiple leg bones, upper arm bones and most of the tail.

For more information on dinosaurs, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, features Dinosaur Plaza and Giants of the Mesozoic, both permanent exhibitions.

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