Teddy Ruxpin is worth $680!

If you are an 80's or even early 90's baby, you know what Im talking about when I mention toys you just had to have such as: Tamagotchi's, a Furby, Super Soaker and Easy Bake Oven, right?  

Well, all those long lines your parents stood in and all that allowance you saved up to get your Dear Diary, Teddy Ruxpin or Moon Shoes, can now pay off - IF you still have these treasured items.

I know, you are reading this saying to yourself, "I need to call my mom and see if she held on to any of my toys!" Yes, you should because those toys can help pay your rent this month! 

Buzzfeed has released a list of 32 childhood toys that are now, worth a fortune! 

Remember when you saw Home Alone 2 and you HAD to get the same Talkboy Recorder that Kevin McCallister used in the film? The toy was released in 1993 and is worth $400 today! 

The Sega Genesis that you saved all summer for and then gave it up for the next best video gaming system is now worth $1,999.99! 

The biggest pay off goes to Pokemon cards. The best Pokemon card is the Charizard and its worth $5,550.00!  

You now have persmission to run to your parents house or to your garage and rummage through all your "childhood junk" for buried treasure!  [SEE ALL 32 TOYS NOW!]