PBS Parents Summer Bucket List 2014

When stores begin stocking their shelves full of fresh pencils, crayons, and backpacks, it’s hard to deny the inevitable: Summer is winding down. But, since it’s not over yet, there’s still time for a check-in to find opportunities for more fun!

Like many households, ours has two working parents. That means that our routine doesn’t vary greatly when school lets out for summer. Instead of going to his neighborhood school, our son goes to neighborhood camps and got to spend almost a full week at Camp Uncle Mike’s House. Even though we’re still working full days, we set a goal to be intentional about family summer fun time this year.

PBS Parents has this Summer Bucket List with ideas listed as well as several blank spaces to customize the list for your family. Most of the items in the list also link to instructions for things like making giant bubbles, sponge bombs (we did this one!), sun prints, and co-writing a story.

We customized our Summer Bucket List with these:

•Zoo Atlanta
•World of Coca-Cola
•Jekyll Island Sea Turtle Center
•Putt-Putt Golf
•Swim at the local pool
•Go to the beach!
•Go camping
•Six Flags

Truth be told, we have only done about half of the items on our list; and, for a couple of those, our parents or siblings took our kid while we worked – we decided that still counts. While there have been evenings when we’d much rather collapse into the couch at the end of a workday, I can safely say that neither of us regretted adventuring to the municipal pool or parks a few times after work instead. Thankfully, we still have a few more days of summer fun ahead before the rigor of the school year begins again.

What family fun events made your Summer Bucket List this year? Share them in the comments below!