Atlanta Annual Zombie Pub Crawl on July 26th!

New to Atlanta? Lived here your entire life and wonder if you have seen it all? Metro Atlanta reached the 5.4 million milestone making it the 9th most populous metro in America. With so many people, so little time and so much to see, how can you narrow it down to make your summer or vacation epic? has put together a list of 12 things you absolutely MUST do this summer in Atlanta from The Atlanta Street Food Festival, Sunset Cove Beach Café & Club at Lake Lanier, or just hanging out at one of Atlanta’s signature rooftop bars – grab your calendar and start scheduling now!

One of my favorites is….

What: Atlanta Annual Zombie Pub Crawl

When: July 26th

Where: Diesel Filling Station Atlanta’s Walking Dead bar is coping with your withdrawals by letting you drink like a zombie... with the help of professional makeup artists who'll make those scabs and sores look realistic enough to scare the Highlands bartenders into making your pour plenty heavy. 

Is something missing from the list that you think is a must-do in Atlanta this summer?