Beach at Don Carter State Park on Lake Lanier (via GA State Parks Facebook page)

Georgia has a huge, gorgeous coastline. Sadly, that coastline is – you know, all the way at the coast, which is far for a lot of Georgians. If it’s at all possible, go to the ocean. Go to the beach. The act of going is good for your health. Get away. Make memories.

If our glorious coast really is just too far away, don’t fret. There are dozens of inland beaches to which you can escape.

A large number of Georgia State Parks have swimming areas and many have built beaches onto their freshwater lakes. A bonus in those areas: no sharks or jellyfish! In my book, those are huge bonuses. For as much as I love the beach, I will not enter the ocean. It significantly decreases my chances of being eaten if I stay ashore and play in the sand. (I get that humans are so very, very rarely attacked by sea life that my odds of survival are at nearly 100% on any given day in the ocean. I’ll add this to the therapy journal and maybe work it out later… maybe.) Check out the map and you’ll see that there are places all over the state for water fun with the family!

The newest inland beach is at Georgia’s newest state park, Don Carter State Park on Lake Lanier. This weekend is their one week birthday, in fact. Help them start with gusto by visiting the new, pristine beach area in their first few days of opening. I checked the weather already and it looks like a 30% chance of afternoon showers, so standard for Georgia.

It feels like summer is winding down entirely too quickly and I’ve been swimming with my kid a total of “one” times this summer. Not good. We’ll be back-to-school shopping on tax-free weekend all too soon.

What are your favorite Georgia beaches, inland or otherwise?