The third annual Be Healthy Georgia Day will be at the capitol this coming Saturday, March 9, 2013. The family event is completely free and concludes at 12pm.

As part of the Lt. Governor’s Healthy Kids Georgia program, this event aims to get kids and their families moving together to have fun and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

The day starts off at 9am with the Atlanta Track Club’s Kilometer Kids Fun Run. My kid seems to have untold energy on Saturday mornings that is curiously absent on school mornings, so a morning fun run could be just the ticket! (I googled kilometer conversion to miles. The result: 0.621371 mile, which I’m pretty sure my child does in laps around the living room on a daily basis.)

There will be give-aways all day, including a brand new bike. Children will have the opportunity to shoot hoops with professional players from the Hawks and the Dream as well as cheer with Falcons cheerleaders.

If you have a child ages 7-12 who would like to participate in the Fun Run, be sure you register them online.

Check out last year’s event in the video below:

Healthy Kids Georgia 2012 from Casey Cagle on Vimeo.