During January and February Callaway Gardens is running a pretty special special rate. Free. There are a few dates excluded, weekends, holidays and special events cost regular admission rates. Otherwise, Monday through Friday admission is free.

If you haven’t been to Callaway Gardens before, then you may think it’s just gardens with some artfully placed paths. While there are those things, there is so much more! You can take a tour of the Callaway Discovery Center to learn about the history of Callaway Gardens and its original owners. Twice daily through February you can see live Birds of Prey demonstrations.


On site, there is also an authentic 1830’s pine log cabin that was inhabited for 100 years in neighboring Troup County. The cabin was moved to Callaway Gardens and is on display as a historical reference to the compounded simplicity and difficulty of past generations in the area.

The gardens are full of paths and nature walks, some of which are designated for bicycles. Remember to bring your helmets if planning to cycle through the trails, though.

Though the gardens won’t be in full bloom, they will still be lovely and well kept. Plus, with the colder weather, it’s likely you’ll prefer the many indoor attractions anyway.

Tell us what you think of your visit and what your favorite parts are of this historical Georgia attraction.