This adorable, simple project from PBS Parents is a great way to teach children that Thanksgiving is about more than a supremely delicious 3,000 calorie (on average) meal.

Odds are you have everything you need for the project at home already.

•Index cards
•Stamp ink or paint (in Fall colors)
•Pen or marker
•Pencils, scissors – optional

Using thumbs, press into paint/ ink and then onto paper to arrange a turkey, like the photo shows. When the paint/ ink dries, draw a little turkey face

These are great to get the kids to write a kind note to friends or use as place cards for the big dinner.

My son is too young to write notes to his friends, but they already draw pictures for each other for birthdays. With the extra time off we’ll be sharing with our families in the coming week, creating something kind for friends is a great way to spend the time together.