Fall is our favorite time of year at our house! My "Fall" pinboard is almost as crowded as my "Favorite Recipes" pinboard, which, take my word for it, is a busy place. It was a challenge to pick my top 5 favorites to share! Tell us what your favorites are, too.

1.How about this for a fast, fun, cheap game for that Fall Festival you now can’t believe you volunteered for?


2.These giant spooky eye balls in a tree are too funny to be scary.


3.Delight your little by showing their love for a favorite Sesame Street character! These are feminine, yes, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to make a costume along a similar vein for fellas.


4. These adorable broom cheese snacks would be great for a party. Full disclosure, this one is in Spanish. But, you can pretty much glean everything you need to know from the images. The ingredient list is pretzels, cheese sticks, and chives.


5.Another fun party food, cut apples with fall shapes and provide a yogurt or caramel dip. The author suggests cutting from the top down. Cutting it around instead -- like a belt -- and using the tiny cookie cutters to remove the seeds would mean less waste; it may also be less stable to cut. Either way you go, these are cute. Be sure to look for Georgia Grown apples. They’re delicious!


I have linked the images to the original source as much as possible.