This weekend is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy our beautiful state. Fall is breezing into Georgia. Our friends in north Georgia are beginning to see some fall colors already. It's the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors. Very conveniently, this weekend is Your State Parks Day. Georgia State Parks is allowing free entry to the State Parks. These beautiful and historic sites around the state belong to all of us. Grab family, friends (and check online to be sure the park you're heading to is pet-friendly) and head outside to enjoy the wonderful events and experiences right around you. Remember to take your camera and capture the memories you're making. There's no telling what sort of wildlife and beautiful scenery you'll encounter and want to photograph, too.

Typically, the parks operate on an honor system, asking for donations of around $3 to park at the parks. Then, you have all day to enjoy the sites. I've lived in Atlanta for 10 years now and cannot think of a time that I paid only $3 to park anywhere and certainly not for a full day!

Who knows? You may just meet GPB's own Sharon Collins, host of Georgia Outdoors.