Independence Day lands square in the middle of the week this year. That may mean that you’ll be keeping the celebrating a little closer to home since it isn’t up against a long weekend. Odds are, if you’re in our beautiful state, there is something very nearby to join in the celebration of the birth of our great nation. has a long list of locations and events all over the state to celebrate freedom on and around July 4th this year. Some festivities have already begun, but many more won’t start until Wednesday and then continue through the weekend. has an online events calendar where you can select a fun day trip event or even stay right in your own town.

If you’re like us and have a little one at home or simply can’t bear the thought of venturing out into Georgia’s record-breaking heat, you can also stay in and enjoy a spectacular celebration from our Nation’s Capitol with “Capitol Fourth,” now in it’s 32nd year.

America's favorite Independence Day celebration will feature unrivaled performances from some of the country's best-known musical artists, topped off by the greatest display of fireworks anywhere in the nation. You can view a complete list of the musical talent on stage this year at the "Capitol Fourth" website.