Next week, May 7-11 is Teacher Appreciation Week all week long. The truly industrious among you may try doing something thoughtful each day next week for an educator. The rest of us can easily do at least one kind deed during the week. Like this tiny treat gift jar tutorial over at

Educators have the extreme responsibility to reach our children in ways that enable them to grasp new information and apply it, not an easy task. As the daughter of an educator, I can tell you that they’re working very early each day and keep working until very late. Between preparing for classes and grading papers my own mother has put in more 12 hour days than not.

Teacher Appreciation Week isn’t just a chance to shower some kindness on educators; it is also a great opportunity to teach our children about gratitude. PBS Supersisters celebrated Gratitude Day and give several great ideas and tips for helping children live with gratitude.

Have your child do something simple like write a thank you note or draw a picture. As a parent, teachers would love to hear from us, too. Why not write a letter celebrating your child’s teacher and give an extra copy to their principal? How that would make the teacher’s day!