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Earth Family Days

EcoSense for Living
EcoSense for Living

April 22 is Earth Day and GPB is making it easy for you to teach your children about the earth and how to take care of it. You can learn about nature with Elmo and Rosita on Sesame Street and explore the bottom of the ocean with Nick, Sally, and The Cat in the Hat.

Did you know Georgia has its own Little Grand Canyon? Host Sharon Collins explores the canyon created by erosion of what used to be farmland. The whole family will enjoy Georgia’s diverse flora and fauna in the GPB original series Georgia Outdoors.

Then, feeling fully motivated, visit GPB’s EcoSense for Living page online for real tips to make your home more earth-friendly as well as wallet-friendly. Check out “Children and Nature,” episode 2, of EcoSense for Living to understand how to reconnect with nature with your family. Richard Louv uses the term “Nature Deficit Disorder” to describe the physical, mental, and emotional effects that children suffer when they lose contact with nature.

Keep those kids active and curious with an outdoor adventure. Celebrate Earth on Sunday by getting out and exploring Georgia's State Parks. With 63 State parks, there is bound to be one nearby to enjoy a picnic and nature scavenger hunt. Find out about volunteering with and preserving our State Parks online.