We have entered that long-awaited season of Spring which kids and parents alike have been leaning into and yearning for. The days are longer and we've had some beautiful weekend weather in Georgia lately. Now what should we do with all of the extra family time we have on our hands? With a little creativity and almost no planning, we have the opportunity for some pretty amazing memories and even a little learning along the way.

To celebrate National Poetry Month, play a game where each member or the family takes a turn making up the lines of a poem together. Or, during dinner try to make each sentence rhyme or start with the same letter. Visit pbskids.org and join Arthur and Martha as they celebrate National Poetry Month with new video and online poetry activities. Write and publish your own poem at "Fern's Poetry Club" or play "Rhyme Time" on the Martha Speaks website.

PBS Parents has a whole corner online designated to Kitchen Explorers. Take advantage of this extra time to shop for a fun meal and let the kids help prepare it.