It’s back-to-school time! Whether you’re a fresh faced newbie or a veteran teacher, a new school year is a great opportunity to explore resources, tweak tried and true strategies, and to set goals for the next 10 months. So to help you do just that, we’ve created a teacher toolkit designed specifically around the new school year. 

iTeach: A Guide To The Most Useful Apps For The Classroom

Educators use mobile apps for everything from grading homework to communicating with parents. Here are five that teachers say they love.

Hot Topics from Discovery Education*

Discovery Education wants to help you address today’s hottest topics in education. For each of the topics below, Discovery Education has collected five resources that will support teachers and students in that area. Check out the resources for instructional strategies, fresh ideas and perspectives, and ways to continue the conversation within the DEN Online Community.

5 Best Tips for First Year Teachers

PBS Teachers asked hundreds of veteran teachers for their top tips and best advice to help first year teachers step boldly into the new year.

Share Your Story

Educators provide knowledge by sharing stories and the process of teaching yields some of the greatest stories of all. This subsection of GPB’s Education Matters blog serves as a platform for teachers all over the state of Georgia to highlight innovative teaching strategies and creative ways to engage students in learning.

Back-to-School Checklist from PBS KIDS

Help young learners prepare for the first week of school with this checklist and worksheet from PBS KIDS! The PDF is print-friendly so you can pass it along to parents, caregivers, and grandparents in your community.

Spotlight on Strategies*

Creative, research-based instructional strategies that incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways.

20 Great Icebreakers for the Classroom

Icebreakers may seem trivial but they can assist with building meaningful relationships with students. Check out these icebreakers that can help you establish an encouraging, educational environment where students thrive.  

GPB Professional Development Webinars

Whether you are looking to expand your teacher toolkit or for a refresher on a familiar material, GPB Education’s professional development videos offer thorough, self-guided tutorials on trusted educational resources.

GPB Education Offers Free Training Sessions To Georgia Schools

The GPB Education team travels the state to offer free professional development sessions on digital integration strategies, Discovery Education, PBS LearningMedia, Georgia Studies Digital Collection and more! Check out available training sessions here

KQED Teach

KQED Teach offers a collection of free, hands-on professional learning opportunities focused on Digital Media. Educators can build skills in digital storytelling, data visualization, and critical media use to support all curriculum areas. These skills allow teachers to facilitate learning environments where their students can create digital content, develop their communications and technology skills, and engage in deeper learning that encourages critical thinking.

Creative Classroom Configurations

Already thinking about how to layout your classroom for the upcoming school year? Check out this blog on Discovery Education. It has excellent tips on classroom design and flexible seating. 

Ultimate Guide to Exercise for Children in School and at Home

This guide from Maryville University includes a list of resources and articles about activities and exercises for children in grades K-12 with the goal of promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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