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A New SySTEM For Learning At River Eves Elementary

River Eves Elementary is the first Georgia STEM certified school in Fulton County Public Schools. Our focus on STEM has resulted in students becoming "experts" with the content as well as prepared with 21st century skills. Students have opportunities to think critically and collaborate in STEM during STEM day each month, STEM lab, daily STEM instruction, as well as project-based learning units with a Science focus.

STEM day is held monthly at River Eves. During STEM days students at all grade levels collaborate in small groups to solve challenges that relate to a STEM book of the month. Students also respond to the literature and record research, plans, solutions, etc. in their STEMfolios following the Engineering Design Model.

Students visit our STEM lab once a week to participate in hands-on challenges that integrate science and math standards as well as technology and engineering.

Our 3rd-5th grades have uninterrupted STEM blocks to allow teachers to better integrate math and science. Students document the science and math integration into STEM journals. Also, STEM teachers align the grade levels’ math and science units for the year to assist with the integrations. Students also participate in STEM work during grade level project-based learning units. During these units students gain knowledge and skills by working to investigate and respond to authentic, engaging and complex challenge. Through each of these opportunities, students consistently work through the Engineering Design Model with STEM content and improve their ability to solve problems, collaborate, and think critically and creatively.


Neil Pinnock is a guest blogger for GPB Education and the proud principal of River Eves Elementary School. He has been in education since 1995. Mr. Pinnock was an elementary classroom teacher for five years and a middle school assistant principal... more