I often get calls from working teachers looking to get graduate credits or teachers looking to obtain re-certification credit. Both are looking for convenient, affordable ways to take classes. PBS Teacherline Southeast as you may or may not know is our trusted professional development partner that you can turn to for that. Classes are offered online so it’s just a matter of turning on your computer to head to class.

Here are answers to the questions I am asked the most regarding how to get credits through PBS Teacherline Southeast. You can review this to help you sign up for classes:

1.) When do the next classes start?
The next classes start January 22. If you enroll before that date, you will be automatically entered by PBS for a chance to win a FREE in-person PD training for your entire school.

2.) How often are classes offered?
Approximately every six weeks. Here is the course schedule and listings.

3.) How do I receive credit?
Make sure you use the promo code GATLSE when you register for classes to ensure that you’ll receive your Georgia credit.

4.) How do I enroll in classes?
From PBS Teacherline’s Course Offerings page, click the title of the course you want. This will take you to the course information page on the national PBS TeacherLine site.

Click the orange "Enroll" button. If you already have an account with PBS TeacherLine, enter your Email and Password in the boxes shown to log in. If you have not yet created an account with PBS TeacherLine, click the "Create an Account" link on the page and complete the form. After you have logged in or created your account, you will see the course enrollment form.

Enter "GATLSE" in the promo-code box and click the "Go" link to apply the code; this will ensure that Teacherline has your records for awarding GA credit.

Verify the course and price information and agree to the terms of service and click the "Checkout" button. Enter your debit/credit card information and press the "Continue" button. Review the information and if necessary make any corrections. Once you complete your enrollment, you will receive an email confirmation. To ensure you receive this confirmation and other course-related emails, please add "teacherline@scetv.org" and "tltechsupport@pbs.org" to your email address book of contacts.

5.) How many PLUs credits will I receive per hour?
Take a look at the chart below.