Image courtesy PBS Kids.

“When you need help solving a math problem don’t ask a pig,” concludes Peg, the cute as a button human half of our new GPB Kids show Peg + Cat which debuts today. I’m right there with you, my dear! Peg, her cat and her pig friend solve their day’s problems using math. Unfortunately her pig pal’s typical contribution to solving said problems is a burp.

It’s up to Peg and blue furry friend Cat then to figure out how to get 100 chickens back into the chicken coup before the farmer comes home. Or Peg has to resolve how to load those 100 chickens into a space ship before the space monster gets at them. It helps that she has a brainy, inventive friend named Ramone who chimes in with an idea or two.

There is much to like about this show. I like how Peg truly thinks things through each time a problem occurs and voices her thought process out loud in a way young children can relate to and model. Each time the stress of her situation gets to her, she is reminded to stop and "countdown" instead of having a meltdown.

Of course there is traditional math involved and lots of cute singing. But critical thinking and stress management are priceless in raising a self-aware, clever, mature kid and that's what this show is really all about. Peg +Cat has a robust companion site that includes videos, games and activities so that you can reinforce what is being taught and keep your kid engaged.

Peg + Cat weekdays on GPB at 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Check out this clip of Peg + Cat below, watch the show and give us your mini review.