PBS KIDS’ Design Squad Nation has tons of fun activities for kids to interact with science and discover how math and creative technologies interact for fun learning experiences.

Their latest project is another balloon creation activity. This time, the fun comes in the form of jousting. Using balloons, string, straws, tape, and wooden skewers, students manipulate their resources in ways to determine what would make their balloon triumphant in a joust. (Note: as skewers are sharp and popped balloons tend to fly at random, safety goggles are an essential for this activity.) I know it's Tech Thursday and balloons and straws aren't ranked high on our lists of technology, but they provide an excellent opportunity for students to manipulate objects to understand concepts, like thrust in this activity.

Design Squad has a fun video that you can use to introduce students to the activity (check it out below) and five variations of games for the activity.

Document your experiment and login to share your modifications on the design. They’ll be posted for other kids to see and learn from, too. As of this morning, no one has posted additional designs, so your class could be among the first!