The presidential debates are airing live on GPB starting Wednesday
October 3 at 9 PM. Here’s the schedule.

The debates are another way to involve students in how the election process works. There are other facets of them that increase learning in other areas.

For example the debates teach oratory skills. How do debaters effectively make their cases? How would a student prepare if he or she were a presidential candidate?

The debates also teach students about the issues at stake in the election. How would students handle today's issues? What are their opinions of them?

PBS and Discovery Education have culled resources, videos and documents to support your teaching these historic events. Here are some that we recommend:

PBS Learning Media:

Presidential Issues: Where do the Candidates Stand?
Use the Presidential debates to determine the position of each candidate. Look at an issue in depth, investigating the phrases and terminology used by both sides of the debate.

Conflict and Personal Attacks
Explore the presidential and vice-presidential debates from 1988 to examine how candidates handle personal insults and attacks against their character. Examine the role of these attacks in politics and everyday life and learn strategies to combat them.

Discovery Education

Elements of Presidential Debate Technique

The Importance of Presidential Debates

Elements of Presidential Debate Technique

For more resources on the elections visit our PBS Learning Media Election 2012 page.