The BAMMY awards statuette - this is what the best of the best educators receive.

While TV stars get EMMYs and music stars get GRAMMYs, did you know that teachers get BAMMYs?Yes, BAMMYs - a national award program that celebrates excellence across the education field presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences.

The ceremony is being held over the weekend in Washington, DC. Anne Ostholthoff from the Ignite Show is covering it. Follow her tweets @theigniteshow and then check the Ignite Show site later on for full coverage.

At a time when educators and administrators are in conflict over using test scores as the primary measure of teacher success, the BAMMY awards are a breath of fresh air.

The award producers understand that there are multiple factors, sources and people that contribute to student achievement and improved outcomes. Their motto is that "it takes an entire village to educate a child." That's why teachers, principals and superintendents, school nurses, support staff, advocates, researchers, early childhood specialists, education journalists and parents are honored. Take a look at the list of 2012 nominees.

The BAMMYs are organized by the BAM Radio network which creates educational content for associations nationally.

If you’re interested in nominating someone or participating next year, take a look at the frequently asked questions section for how to do that.

If you could nominate someone for a BAMMY award, who would that be? Let us know here.